With my patterns to your own unique piece

Your yarn, your colour, your very own individual piece

Templates for your unique piece

My knitting patterns as your template.

You see how it is meant to be,
get an idea and
then put it into practice for you.

Even if you copy my version exactly …
same colour, same yarn, same size … the result is still
your unique piece.

weiter Pullunder Caine


Sometimes you do not need a pullover or a cardigan but still something warming. This is exactly how this vest was born.
gelbe Jacke Kathi Iscula


‘Kathi’ is a cardigan that you wish to wear all year round. Weather open or buttoned up like a pullover, it always fits.
grüne Jacke Sopherl


"Sopherl" is the affectionate form of Sophie. The cardigan is a timeless classic with some pretty details.
Altaussee Tuch


Altaussee - The asymmetrical triangle is achieved by increases and decreases and results in a pleasant wearing shape.
Reflection Tuch shawl


Reflection is a cosy shawl, big enough to wrap yourself in and the pattern makes it wearable on both sides.
Tuch blau vor Kulisse Wolfgangsee


Wolfgangsee is an asymmetric triangle shawl framed with a slip-stitch border on both sides and on the upper edge.

A few highlights of ideas

And where can you get the patterns ?

Until I have established my very own shop on here,
you will find my patterns on two reliable sites.

Each pattern is available in PDF format in English and German.


  • Ravelry is an international crafts forum with over 9 million members.
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  • You can pay by credit card or PayPal.


  • LoveCrafts is an online shop for handicraft accessories and patterns.
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Tuch Salzkammergut dreifarbig vor See
Frau mit Tuch auf Holzsteg

Somebody is making all this up


I’m Monie and I’ll make sure your needles have a good time.

Unravelling, so hated by many, and doing it so often until everything fits, is just as much a part of my work as purl and knit stitches for us knitters.

But it’s exactly this, let’s say stubbornness, that saves you a lot of work and nerves.

Where I live and where I strain the wool, maybe a few names of my designs will tell you … Wolfgangsee, Hallstatt, Ischl …
Exactly, in the Salzkammergut!

How and why I came here is another story, and I tell it in the welcome email of my newsletter, for example.

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